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Hello, I’m toshoya.
Welcome to my Health & Fitness blog!

This blog is dedicated to those that are starting their health and fitness journey, while becoming the best version of themselves.

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Toshoya McEwan
Toshoya McEwan, R.Kin, CSEP-CPT, PN 1
Hi, My name is Toshoya McEwan!

I am a Registered Kinesiologist, CSEP Certified Personal Trainer, PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach, and big a self-care advocate.

I truly believe it is our individual responsibility to take care of ourselves, so we can do our best in life and give to others. Without a proper self-care regimen, we’re not able to live up to our potential and live our life the way we truly desire.

helping women live a happy and fulfilling life Through Health and Fitness

I help women like myself, to become the woman they know themselves to be, and not the one that everyone has decided for them to become.
Women who are tired of feeling like there is more to life than what they currently have.

I want this blog to be a powerful resource to help people make long-life changes for the better.

Where it All Started…

Toshoya McEwan

Growing up, I always felt out of place.

I never felt seen or heard and always felt like the weirdest one in the room.

Unfortunately, this made me feel like I had to “perform” to fit in and for validation- even at home. Always trying to please and live for others, and doing my best to be accepted.

Sadly, this feeling to perform pretty much stuck with me all throughout childhood, up until my mid-twenties without even being consciously aware of it.

But as I was growing up, I found a love for physical activity and a curiosity for understanding the human body.

I loved being outdoors and playing outside for hours! Whether that was climbing trees, going for long bike rides, or going to the creek/park, you name it, I was outside- and I loved it.

My love for physical activity was the one thing that helped me feel in my element. Like my true self.

My passion for physical activity stayed with me throughout my teens and during my time in university, I started weight training and immediately fell in love!

Weight training gave me confidence like nothing before and made me feel good about myself. It allowed me to see and understand that I am capable of being so much more.

This quickly became my safe space and space for healing. Weight training was a tool that helped me work through my depression, low self-esteem, and low confidence, amongst so many other things. This ultimately sparked my desire to be better than I have ever been and my journey into personal development.

This was the beginning of my journey to being a personal trainer and the journey to my true self.

I always believe there is room for growth, no matter how far you’ve come and weight training was the first tool that helped me to understand that.

So you can either continue to hide behind your work and/or accolades, avoid all the inner work, living unhappily as someone you know you are not. Or you can put on your favorite pair of shoes and start stepping into the real inner work to be your true authentic self. The woman you’ve always known yourself to be.

It can get rough. But luckily I am here to help you with all of that!

Hence why I created this blog and why am making it my mission to help other women; women who are depressed, anxious, feel unseen, and unheard, and are simply tired of being labeled as something you’re not and living another life. To help women avoid falling into the same traps I did growing up and struggling to get out of.

Although I am still learning and growing (which never stops), I am dedicated to helping at least one woman on her journey to becoming her highest self. This is such an important journey, if not THE most significant journey we must embark on to become our best selves. I believe that by becoming our highest selves, we can improve the overall quality of our lives and ultimately the world.

So are you ready to become the woman you know you are and live an authentic life?

Or are you satisfied living a life that is untrue, where you know you cannot be free?

Like I said before, I am here to help. 

So let’s get started!