5 Best Dairy-Free Protein Shakes 2023: A Review of Popular Brands

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Getting enough protein when you’re beginning a new exercise routine can be challenging, especially if you don’t eat dairy products. Whether it be due to personal preference, lactose intolerance, personal health concerns, or simply not liking it, dairy-free protein shakes are hard to find.

Fortunately, there are a variety of dairy-free protein shakes on the market today that can help boost and maintain your protein levels.

Many of these protein shakes are packed with essential amino acids and branched chained amino acids, which are both essential for muscle development and repair.

So if you want a dairy-free protein shake, with all same great benefits (plus more), then look no further than this list.

Here are the 5 best dairy-free protein shakes of 2023 today!

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What Are Dairy-Free Protein Shakes?

Dairy-free protein shakes, or non-dairy protein shakes are protein shakes that do not contain any dairy products such as milk, whey, or casein.

Dairy-free protein shakes are sourced from plant proteins such as pea protein, brown rice protein, and soy, and include other plant-based ingredients such as almond, coconut, and quinoa.

Benefits of Dairy-free Protein Shakes

Drinking a dairy-free protein shake, whether homemade or pre-made, can be quite beneficial.

Due to their plant-based ingredient profile, many of the non-dairy protein shakes on the market today are typically low or free of artificial ingredients and packed with natural vitamins and minerals, making them a great option for anyone looking for a more natural diet and to increase their vitamin profile.

Additionally, dairy-free protein shakes are a great way to help you feel full longer, which is great if you’re trying to lose weight.

Since these shakes are dairy-free, they can be a great option for those who may have sensitivity to dairy products, like myself, are great for those that have a hard time digesting animal-based protein, or for those who are looking to cut down on their animal product consumption.

Whatever the reason, dairy-free protein shakes are a great healthy option to add to your diet if you are short on time or unable to get your daily protein requirements.

5 Best Dairy-Free Protein Shakes

Best Flavorful dairy-free Protein Shake

OWYN Plant-Based Protein Shake

4.3 out of 5
What Customers Are Saying:
  • Dark Chocolate flavor is delicious and rich with no aftertaste and not chalky
  • Strawberry Banana flavor goes down okay and takes away hunger
  • Cookies & Creamless flavor is amazing and helps with appetite suppressant
  • Provides 20 grams of plant-based protein for vegans and tastes great
  • Sea Salted Caramel flavor was too much for some but not the typical salted caramel flavor

Available in a variety of flavors and offering 20g of plant protein in every bottle, the OWYN Plant-Based Protein Shake is a great choice for those looking to up their daily protein intake, while on the go.

Made from a premium plant protein blend of organic pumpkin seeds, flax, and pea protein, along with 535mg of vegan Omega-3’s to help promote anti-inflammatory activity within the body, and prebiotics to support gut health, OWYN Plant-Based Protein Shake is a nutritious drink, with a rich and decadent flavor.

OWYN Plant-Based Protein Shake is dairy, soy, gluten/wheat, egg, peanuts, and tree nut-free, and thoroughly tested, making it a safe option for those with food allergies or health concerns.

Try OWYN Plant-Based Protein Shake

Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake 

Best environmentally friendly dairy-free Protein Shake

Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake

4.3 out of 5
What Customers Are Saying:
  • Drinks are not gourmet but are palatable when needed
  • Some reviewers with food allergies found the drinks useful when they couldn’t eat or make food
  • Some had concerns about the texture/consistency but found the drinks to be easily swallowable
  • Commercial taste
  • A lot of protein but tastes like fake sweetener

Evolve Protein Shakes are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a seriously delicious and simply nutritious source of protein.

These dairy-free protein shakes are made with only 9-10 ingredients and contain 20g of North American grown Non-GMO pea protein isolate in every serving, making it that much easier to hit your daily protein intake and support muscle development. 

This tasty protein drink is gluten-free, soy-free, and of course dairy-free, making it a great choice for anyone with food allergies or sensitivities. In addition, Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake is a great source of non-GMO prebiotic fiber to support your digestive health, is low in fat and packed with calcium iron, vitamin B12, and zinc, and is available in 5 delicious flavors.

Try Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake

ALOHA Organic Plant-Based Protein Shake 

Best nutrient-dense dairy-free Protein Shake

ALOHA Organic Plant-Based Protein Shake

4 out of 5
What Customers Are Saying:
  • Much nicer than others I’ve tried
  • Gluten-free with no fake sugars!
  • Great product
  • Aloha is my favorite protein shakes
  • This product could definitely use a little bit more flavor

Created with your nutrition and convenience in mind, ALOHA Organic Plant-Based Protein Shake is a great-tasting dairy-free protein shake, made with clean and simple ingredients to take anywhere on the go.

Each serving contains 20g of a plant-based protein blend made from pea protein and brown rice protein, ensuring a complete amino acid profile to support muscle growth and maintenance.

In addition, each drink is packed with whole-food ingredients, electrolytes for replenishment, prebiotics for a healthy gut, and MCT Oil from coconut oil for natural energy.

Available in 4 different flavors, Vanilla, Chocolate Sea Salt, Coffee, and Coconut, ALOHA Organic Plant-Based Protein Shake is a great dairy-free protein shake to give you energy throughout your day or just before a workout.

Try ALOHA Organic Plant-Based Protein Shake

Ripple Vegan Protein Shake (Coffee Flavor)

Best Caffeinated Dairy-Free Protein Shake

Ripple Vegan Protein Shake (Coffee Flavor)

4.2 out of 5
What Customers Are Saying:
  • The shakes taste okay with a strong coffee flavor that might hide the aftertaste
  • Smooth and creamy without nausea. Decent-tasting protein shakes are hard to find. A bit pricey but good.
  • Tastes like coffee ice cream at first, but there is a slight aftertaste once it gets warm. Overall, liked the flavor a lot but wish it wasn’t so pricey
  • Love the taste and use before a workout
  • Pretty good, didn’t taste bad for being dairy-free

Intended as your morning cup of coffee, Ripple Vegan Protein Shake coffee flavor is made with 75mg of caffeine to help get your morning started, making it a great option for those who are trying to reduce their coffee intake, while increasing their protein.

With 20g of pea protein, this dairy-free drink is high in calcium and phosphorus supporting bone health, contains an adequate serving size of iron, and potassium, and is low in calories, fats, carbs, and sugar, making it great for those that are looking to maintain or lose weight.

Ripple Vegan Protein Shake is 100% dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and non-GMO verified, making it an excellent choice as an easily digestible protein drink.

Try Ripple Vegan Protein Shake

UpNourish Plant-based Complete Protein, All-in-One Meal

Best Diary-free Protein Shake powder

UpNourish Plant-based Complete Protein, All-in-One Meal

4 out of 5
What Customers Are Saying:
  • Liked the shake for its immediate effects on her stomach, with no bloating, diarrhea, or stomach cramps
  • The texture of the shake was non-gritty, more like a thick milkshake
  • Found the bag to have more product than expected and the powder was delicious, not gritty or chalky, with a smooth and not overpowering peanut butter taste
  • The powder blended thicker than most shakes, but didn’t mind since it was tasty
  • Best results were obtained with a Vita mix blender

Perfect for building muscle, performance, and recovery, UpNourish Plant-Based Complete Protein powder is a great dairy-free and plant-based protein shake for your fitness or on-the-good needs.

Packed with 21g of plant-based protein, 4g of branched chained amino acids (BCAAs), and 3g of MCT Oil, this protein powder meal replacement is sure to help you build lean muscle, keep you fuelled and energized before, during, and after a workout, and throughout a busy day.

This dairy-free protein powder is also packed with prebiotics, and probiotics to support a healthy digestive system, has 22 vitamins and minerals, is low in calories, and carbs, and is sugar-free.

UpNourish Plant-Based Complete Protein powder is available in 4 delicious flavors and works great as a healthy breakfast or a healthy snack. 

Try UpNourish Plant-Based Complete Protein Powder

What To Look For In A Dairy-Free Protein Shake?

When looking for a dairy-free protein shake, consider the following:

  1. Source of protein: Check what the protein source is, such as pea protein, soy protein, or rice protein, to make sure it aligns with your dietary restrictions and preferences.
  2. Flavor and taste: Find a flavor that appeals to you and consider the reviews of the taste, as everyone’s taste buds are different.
  3. Sweeteners: Look for a shake that uses natural sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit instead of artificial sweeteners or sugar.
  4. Allergen information: Make sure the shake is free of dairy, gluten, and any other allergens you may have.
  5. Ingredients: Read the ingredient list to make sure there are no artificial ingredients or additives.
  6. Macros: Consider the protein, carbohydrate, and fat content of the shake and make sure it fits your dietary goals and needs.
  7. Price: Consider the cost per serving and make sure it fits your budget.
  8. Brand reputation: Look for a brand that has a good reputation and positive reviews from customers.

Dairy-Free Protein Powder vs. Diary-Free Protein Shake

Dairy-free protein powder is a dry, powdery form of protein that is free of any dairy ingredients. It can be added to liquids, such as water, oat milk, or almond milk, to make a protein shake.

A dairy-free protein shake, on the other hand, is a ready-to-drink beverage that has already combined dairy-free protein powder with other ingredients, such as sweeteners, flavorings, and thickeners, to create a convenient and delicious drink.

Both dairy-free protein powder and dairy-free protein shake offer a way for those who are lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy to get the benefits of protein without the harmful side effects. However, a dairy-free protein shake may be more convenient and have a better taste compared to the powder, but it is usually more expensive and may contain added ingredients that you may want to avoid.

Final Thoughts

Protein powder is an easy and convenient way to add protein to your diet, while protein shakes are a ready-to-drink option that can be consumed on the go.

Whether you opt for a diary-free protein powder or protein shake, both options offer the same great benefits as a dairy-based protein product, without the possible irritable side effects of dairy.

With that said, it’s important to always consider the ingredients, taste, and cost when selecting a dairy-free protein powder or shake, to suit your personal needs.

As always, be sure to obtain as many nutrients from your diet prior to considering any dietary supplements to help you meet your daily needs.

All the best!

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